Better Equipment, Better Results

At Heritage Air Duct Cleaning we use the latest in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment. Our Cyclone Air Pull System combined with a compressed air blasting ball is the most effective way of removing dust & dirt from your air ducts without damaging your HVAC system. We go room to room vent by vent and pull all the debris back to us at the vent opening. Our equipment allows us to do this without cutting into your ductwork. And our clear viewing port allows you the home owner to see all the debris and dirt coming out of your vents. So you can rest assured we are doing the job and doing it right. 

Heritage air duct cleaning system

Things to know

  1.  An average duct cleaning can take 3-4 hours. 
  2. Our Antimicrobial Spray is plant-based and not toxic for pets or people. So nobody has to leave home during our cleaning process.
  3. Our air hoses will be pulled through the home during the cleaning however we use corner protectors and shoe covers to ensure your home is just the way it was before we started.
  4. We recommend changing your air filter after every cleaning to ensure the best results. 
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